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    This section contains the main exhibitions that we have set up to complete larger projects since 2003.

    The faces of Pier Paolo Pasolini, for example, is an exhibition created in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna and is part of the Pier project Paolo Pasolini Poet of Ashes organized in 2007 in New York. A Vimmerby and back is instead a path dedicated to Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking. In 2007 we were the only institution in Italy to celebrate the birth of this important Swedish writer with an Italian-Swedish show and show Pippi Longstocking. Over the years, this production has become an evergreen, awarded in 2007 with the Agis Eti Gold Ticket.

    We also paid homage to the work and life of some significant characters for us, for their artistic vocation and personal friendship. The exhibition dedicated to the theater by Gianni Rodari, to the multifaceted figures of Emanuele Luzzati and Beni Montresor, fits into this context.

    The exhibition that we want to dedicate to Paolino Libralato, performer of sets and great works who still moves with authentic craftsmanship, is in the definition phase.

    Indifferent Journey

    A project of training, experimentation and study of theatrical tools to be shared with disabled people.

    Antigone Progetto Europeo

    Antigone Project was created to raise awareness on Gender Based Violence. It’s a project funded by the European Union.

    New York Beni Montresor: homage to light Aida

    In 2003 in New York the Aida Foundation pays homage to a great Venetian artist who, with his art, has been able to cross geographical, ideal and cultural boundaries: Beni Montresor.


    On the 3rd October 2020 we will have fun together in a great team game, free of charge, for young and adults. A special Treasure Hunt is planned in the minor districts of our city.

    Gianni Rodari My theatre

    Exhibition dedicated to the relationship between the work of the Master of Omegna and the theater. Made with the advice of Maria Teresa Ferretti Rodari, wife of Gianni Rodari. It is possible to request the exhibition for any preparations.


    Diversamente a teatro (Sodalitas Prize in 2015) is a social and work inclusion project for a group of disabled young people from Trentino.

    New York The cinema and the faces of Pier Paolo Pasolini

    Two photographic exhibitions that trace the figure of the master. They were presented for the first time in New York in 2007. Made with Graziella Chiarcossi, cousin of the Maestro and heir of his work, and Vincenzo Cerami, a pupil of Pasolini.


    In December 2019 we organised a round table to discover the immense heritage represented by the historical palaces of Verona. The initiative was organised with the contribution of the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth Policies, Equal Opportunities and the 1st District – Historical Centre.


    Social network: music and theatre against bullying is one of the winning projects of the No Bulls be Friends announcement promoted by the Union of Italian Provinces (UPI) and the Department of Youth of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

    Over the years we have developed many collaborations, including in the publishing field, in particular with Titivillus Mostre Publishing, the publishing brand of the Teatrino dei Fondi, a theater company and artistic residence, directed by Enrico Falaschi.

    Marcovaldo is our free periodical dedicated to schools and families. A house organ that describes the shows available for schools and those scheduled for families.

    We make many musical productions dedicated, with particular attention, to families and children, both on DVD and CD format.

    The health emergency following the Covid 19 epidemic stimulates us to find new solutions and creative methods that necessarily have to respond to multiple needs.

    Fairy tales from around the world for mutual understanding and acceptance between refugees and the local population.

    Since 2018 Fondazione Aida has been the leader of the European project Rights4kids, a project funded by the Creative Europe programme, under the patronage of the Municipality of Verona – Education Department on children’s rights.

    The cinema and the faces of Pier Paolo Pasolini Exhibitions dedicated to the Maestro

    In 2007 Fondazione Aida brings to New York the masterpieces of one of the great masters of the twentieth century whose thinking was resistant and nonconformist: Pier Paolo Pasolini after ten-year of absence.

    EUnetARt’s annual meeting to promote culture among young people is hosted in Verona, with meetings, performances and a round table discussion.

    The European project Clear-Creative Learning is addressed to the school world and in detail to teachers who intend to introduce theatre in their teaching methodologies

    The result of a European project aiming to unite common cultural characteristics between European countries. Ancient tragedy seen through the eyes of today.

    Food education project of the Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago. Sixty-five appointments in schools to tell children about the history and characteristics of Asiago DOP.


    With the help of a team of experts, including Lisa Iotti, we will try to understand how we can guide young people towards a responsible use of the network through online meetings and awareness and training courses.

    More than 30,000 people were the spectators at the Festival organised by the Istituto Regionale Ville Venete.

    Mantua Verona Vicenza

    The “Fatti di Musica” project was born out of the synergy between five partners. Its main objective is to build a new production and diffusion model that can contribute to the social and cultural growth of children.


    Together with four municipalities in the Veronese area, we have implemented a project which has brought the young people involved into play, leading them to create a series of routes and contents for the enhancement of the territory.


    Chicco di riso (Grain of rice) is a project that has enabled young people to make a documentary on the areas historically characterised by rice processing.

    Belluno In our Home

    A shared project for the rebirth of the Theatres for the Citizens of the Veneto Region

    Since 2007 and 2009 Fondazione Aida has returned several times to the United States. From the 17 to the 29 April 2009 in New York, Chicago and Baltic it will pay tribute to the great writer and educator for children, Gianni Rodari, with the travelling project “La grammatica della fantasia” (The Grammar of Fantasy).


    Patrizio Roversi, Prof. Gasparini, but also Luca Zaia, Alessandro Corazzari, Federico Caner and Alberto Passi were among the protagonists of Ville Venete & Vino, a round table discussion held at Vinitaly 2019 at the stand of the Veneto Region that aims to discuss the fundamental role of Venetian Villas in enhancing the tourism and food and wine sector. This is an objective that is very close to our hearts, given that for more than twenty years with Sorsi d’autore we have been working to enhance the immense cultural heritage represented by these splendid buildings, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the special features of the region’s wine production.

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