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    Off the Net

    With the help of a team of experts, including Lisa Iotti, we will try to understand how we can guide young people towards a responsible use of the network through online meetings and awareness and training courses.

    Internet risks and opportunities event streaming free access

    How can we guide young people towards responsible use of the web? How does the law protect families? But also: what happens in our brains when we talk about internet addiction in its various forms?


    These are the main objectives of Out of the Net. Educational paths for the use of the web, a project that, through the languages ​​of music, theater and cinema, aims to explore the risks and opportunities of the internet and sensitize young people to correct preventive behavior. An initiative to say NO to bullying, ghettoisation and the numerous consequences that derive from improper use of the network.


    The implementation of the Out of the network project was scheduled for spring 2020, due to the ongoing health emergency it is being re-proposed from 9 February 2021 to March 2021 in an online version.

    The choice to propose most of the online activities has taken on a particular value within the project, it is the demonstration that the network should not be demonized but is a tool that can be extremely useful and effective if known and used consciously.


    In addition to the appointments reported below, we are organizing (dates to be defined) the following activities:

    • round table with Simone Grandi (U.O.C Dependencies Verona ULSS Scaligera) live with the Fusinieri Institute of Vicenza. The content will be available for one year on Vimeo. To access the contents, write to Fondazione@fondazioneaida.it
    • Theatrical show and discussion with the students of the Modigliani Art School of Padua.
    • With the director Pino Costalunga the show “Put away that mobile phone” will be screened with video contributions interspersed with insights on the scenic transposition of the text by Aldo Cazzullo
    • Theatrical workshop in presence at the Fusinieri Institute of Vicenza if the anti Covid regulations allow it
    • From 19 March until 18 April 2021, the in-depth analysis by Simone Grandi, U.O.C., will be available free of charge in streaming. Ulss 9 Scaligera, entitled Internet: resource and risks. To access the contents you need to register.

    For info: Fondazione@fondazioneaida.it


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