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    International projects

    Since its creation in 1983, Fondazione AIDA has had an international outlook, is committed not only to shows for families, schools, theatre and training courses for children and young adults, but also to creating and participating in many international projects and tours.    

    In 1986, in fact, the foundation organised the first European meeting in Verona, then in 1987 it received recognition from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a stable theatre of innovation for children, always continuing with projects abroad.

    International projects

    From 2007 to 2009 it organised exhibitions and shows dedicated to important figures of Italian culture such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Gianni Rodari and BepiMontresor in America, establishing a solid collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of New York.

    In 2007 the important event ELM European Literary Marathon saw the participation of Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Finland, Poland and Spain.  

    International tour

    Finally, the most significant tours took place from 2008 to 2011 in Australia, with shows for children and the Commedia dell’Arte. In 2009 the show Harlequin Secret was presented in the USA. Among the most recent tours was the Spanish tour of PippiLongstocking.

    European project

    In 2004 the foundation coordinated the first European project: Training on stage, within the Leonardo Da Vinci programme. He then went on to organise and coordinate the project ReconcArt: Reconciliation through Art a perception of Hijab, in collaboration with LetiziaQuintavalla. This is followed by: Ancient Pathos, Lille-Galileo Galilei, Creative learning, Culture Luggage up to the most recent ones, still in progress, The Legend of the Great Birth and Rights For Kids.  


    Indifferent Journey

    A project of training, experimentation and study of theatrical tools to be shared with disabled people.

    Antigone Progetto Europeo

    Antigone Project was created to raise awareness on Gender Based Violence. It’s a project funded by the European Union.

    Fairy tales from around the world for mutual understanding and acceptance between refugees and the local population.

    Since 2018 Fondazione Aida has been the leader of the European project Rights4kids, a project funded by the Creative Europe programme, under the patronage of the Municipality of Verona – Education Department on children’s rights.

    The cinema and the faces of Pier Paolo Pasolini Exhibitions dedicated to the Maestro

    In 2007 Fondazione Aida brings to New York the masterpieces of one of the great masters of the twentieth century whose thinking was resistant and nonconformist: Pier Paolo Pasolini after ten-year of absence.

    EUnetARt’s annual meeting to promote culture among young people is hosted in Verona, with meetings, performances and a round table discussion.

    The European project Clear-Creative Learning is addressed to the school world and in detail to teachers who intend to introduce theatre in their teaching methodologies

    The result of a European project aiming to unite common cultural characteristics between European countries. Ancient tragedy seen through the eyes of today.

    Since 2007 and 2009 Fondazione Aida has returned several times to the United States. From the 17 to the 29 April 2009 in New York, Chicago and Baltic it will pay tribute to the great writer and educator for children, Gianni Rodari, with the travelling project “La grammatica della fantasia” (The Grammar of Fantasy).

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