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    Musical theater

    In almost forty years of activity, the more traditional expressive investigation represented by the children’s theater is flanked by musical theater proposals designed for the youngest where the thrill of a live performance blends with the immediacy of the theatrical narration.

    Since the first years of activity, the Aida Foundation has experimented in this sense by setting up shows such as: Historie du Soldat, in 1989 with the Opera Arena di Verona, the trilogy for Baby BoFè realized in collaboration with the Bologna Festival Association, Cantico di Christmas, dramaturgy by Ugo Ronfani, The journey of Hans, with music by Cesare Picco, the homage to Mozart made with the Haydn Orchestra up to the most recent Giovanin without fear by Oficina OCM.

    These are some of the proposals, and of the partners, with which the Aida Foundation has collaborated with the aim of bringing the young public closer to forms of expression that are normally not very similar, at least in appearance.

    In association with the Bologna Festival and as part of Baby BoFè, in 2013 we presented at the Teatro Antoniano in Bologna, the life and events of these three historical characters, accompanied by various musical selections.

    Based on “The Wizard of Oz” by F. Baum it was co-produced with the “Civic Centre” of Syracuse and the “Brooklyn Academy od Music (BAM)” of New York where it was presented in 1989.

    It’s a two-part show with music by Cesare Picco and Paolo Coggiola prepared on the occasion of Futuri, the first festival of musical theatre for children organized in 1999 by the Fondazione Arena di Verona.

    After having worked on Saint Exupery, Calvin, Baum and traditional fairy tales, in collaboration with the Ente Lirico Arena di Verona, in 1989 we challenged ourselvesin this first experiment in musical theatre based on Histoire du Soldat, a small jewel of the music of our century.

    Cantico di Natale

    Based on the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, dramaturgical transposition by UgoRonfani of which follows an excerpt of his presentation in a co-production with the Municipal Theatre “G.Borgatti” of Cento (FE) and the Aida Foundation.

    The show is the result of the encounter between music and puppets and between man and animals based on the Suite by Camille Saint- Saens where the French composer shows all his genius and irony.

    Giovannin without fear

    A co-production set up in collaboration with Oficina OCM Orchestra da Camera di Mantova, original music composed by Gabrio Taglietti, with the contribution of Fondazione Cariverona within the project “Fatti di Musica”.

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