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    (In)different Journey

    Starting from the book “The Tale of the Unknown Island“ by José Saramago, Portuguese writer, Nobel Prize for Literature, in the various steps of the Indifferent Journey project we will develop new expressive methodologies to be applied in the experience of and with disabled people.

    Thanks to the involvement of various professionals working in the theater sector, in the rehabilitation area and a group of people with intellectual disabilities, they will work together to develop theatrical practices and new methods of physical and sensory stimulation. These are activities that facilitate and encourage these people to assume a greater sense of belonging and usefulness in society, encourage the development of intrinsic and latent capacities; and at the same time, they affirm the right to active citizenship.

    The project is supported by Erasmus +


    Develop and deepen the use of new skills and methodologies; train technicians in the artistic areas of theater, body and musical expression; train learners in the artistic areas of theater, body and musical expression; promote social inclusion; sharing good artistic practices with people with disabilities; promote entrepreneurship and pro-activity of technicians, students and organizations.


    First step of the project: September 2021 – first meeting in Hungary with all partners involved. Organizational management of the two years of the project.

    Second step: October 2021 – second transnational meeting with all the partner organizers of the project in Verona. Development of theatrical techniques with professionals in the sector to experiment workshops with disabled children.

    Third step: November 2021 – January 2022 – Alice Canovi, theatrical actress of the AIDA Foundation is developing theatrical and musical workshops with children suffering from autism spectrum disorders

    Fourth step: February 2022 – third European meeting in France with all partner organizations and disabled children (beneficiaries of the project)


    In addition to Italy, represented by the Aida Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation “Autismo Trentino”, the following participate in the project: Glocalmusic – Portugal, (project leader), Atipick Dream – France, MSMME (Magyar Specialialis Muveszeti Muhely Egyesulet) – Hungary, SAREM (Genclikte Spor Sanat ve Egitim Dernegi) – Turkey, Teatterimuseo – Finland.

    The participants and recipients of the project will be people with disabilities, who will go on to develop artistic activities, together with the organizers and educators.

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    Antigone Project

    The Antigone Project was created to raise awareness on Gender Based Violence and prevent it through school theater workshops.  It’s a project based on participatory theater techniques, aims to allow and give tools to secondary school teachers from all over Europe, to be able to organize theater workshops in order to raise awareness of the GBV in their classroom. To achieve this, the project will develop a manual in relation to the organization of school workshops with all the necessary information, which will allow teachers in their schools to use the theater method independently. Based on this manual, we will develop training material and organize online and face-to-face courses for teachers in all partner countries.


    Develop a method focused on the application of theatrical methodologies to talk about issues related to gender-based violence with a specific focus on the role of the teacher; to integrate the use of participatory theater as a method of raising awareness in relation to gender-based violence; develop the skills of teachers to independently use prevention interventions focused on participatory theater in order to raise awareness on gender-based violence; develop resources to allow independent use by teachers and educational operators after the end of the project.


    • First step – October 2021, first transnational meeting in Budapest
    • Second Step – from November 2021 to February 2022, organization of a refresher course for teachers about raising awareness on gender-based violence through theater workshops
    • Third Step – January 2022, second transnational meeting in Belgrade
    • Fourth Step – from February to March 2022, online course held by university teacher and workshop in the presence of the performer and actress Marta Tabacco



    In addition to Italy, represented by the AIDA Foundation, the following participate in the project:

    • Udrujenije Gragdana Dah Teatar – Centar Za Pozorishna Istrajivanja,
    • Serbia (project leader);
    • Theatro Aeroploio – Ena Theatro Giapaidia (Greece);
    • Action Synergy SA (Greece);
    • Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria (Bulgaria);
    • Insite Drama Oktatasi, Kulturalis es szolgatato non profit korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag (Hungary);
    • Hogskulen Pa Vestlandet (Norway);
    • RealStars (Sweden)

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    Beni Montresor: the homage in New York

    In 2003 in New York Fondazione Aida pays homage to a great artist from Veneto who has been able, with his art, to cross geographical, ideal and cultural borders: Beni Montresor.

    The artist has worked in Italy, but has also received many honours in England, France and the United States. He finally chose New York as his artistic and professional home.

    The exhibitions

    From 19 June to 16 September 2003 two exhibitions were held in America together with Titivillus Mostre Editoria.

    “Dal colore alla luce” was held at the Lincoln Center and “Casa di fiori, casa di stelle” at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York.

    The latter consists of 61 paintings and 21 illustrated books representing the drawings the artist made for some editions of fairy tales by Perrault, Andersen and the Brothers Grimm.

    Also, there are many original drawings from the picture books that Montresor has written for the most important American publishers.

    The partners

    The initiative is also patronized by the Ministry for Italians Worldwide, the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) and the collaboration of the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Bussolengo (artist Beni Montresor’s birthplace).

    Also participating in the project: Verona Tuttintorno, Consorzio di promozione turistica and Stone Italiana, also receiving the interest of MiBACT and IMAIE.

    The show

    “Casa di Fiori, casa di stelle” is also a play written and directed by Lorenzo Bassotto. It is a narration of six fairy tales chosen from the countless stories told or illustrated by Beni Montresor.

    Culture Luggage

    In 2018 we participated in the European project Cultural Luggage funded by the Creative Europe programme.

    The initiative involved a group of refugees welcomed at the Il Samaritano centre and the Sprar in Verona. The objectives of this project are mainly two and they aim to:

    • to develop a sense of common belonging between the refugees and the local population, to reduce the sense of isolation that many of them have;
    • develop a greater knowledge and awareness of the culture of the host country;


    An analysis of recent events in which more and more people are migrating from their country of origin to Europe has revealed obstacles to integration between refugees and the local population. In many cases, however, cultural differences are only apparent.


    The first phase undertaken was to search for common elements between Italian fairy tales and the traditional fairy tales of the refugees’ countries of origin. To do this, our actors met, between February and March 2018, the refugees of the Sprar in Verona.

    In the second phase, workshops with actors and refugees were carried out in schools with children. The creation and participation in these workshops then led to the realisation of Griot-totela Cantastorie Dal Mondo, a show that we presented in a special event within the Sprar in Verona.


    Participated along with us: Topos Allou-Aeroplio theatre (coordinator), Action Synergy S.A. and Action-Aid from Greece and Sagohiset theatre from Sweden.

    Locally we collaborated with Massalongo kindergarten, Casa di Ramia, Cestim, Il Samaritano and Le Fate ONLUS.

    Reference website HERE

    Facebook page HERE

    Return to Australia with shows and workshops

    From the 22 August to the 26 September 2011, we returned with the Australian tour. The project was made possible thanks to meetings with the Italian-Australian associations over the past five years. In particular, there was a focus on the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. In this regard, a reading was presented that aims to highlight the importance of the role and contribution made by Italian emigrant communities all over the world.

    The programme included about 40 performances and workshops held in the main Australian cities and areas: Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra, Lismore and Sydney.

    The shows offered are: Il Grande Viaggio, a Commedia dell’Arte show loosely based on Johan Padan a la descoverta de le Americhe by Dario Fo and Pinocchio – Viaggio Tragicomico per nasi. The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, Casa di Fiori, Casa di Stelle based on the play by Beni Montresor,.

    Two workshops on Commedia dell’Arte and the use of masks completed the project, providing an important opportunity for discussion between the artistic cast and the audience. Were in fact discussed the peculiarities of this theatrical genre, spread over five centuries and based on improvisation.

    All the performances were staged thanks to a cast composed of Roberto Terribile, artistic director, actors Lorenzo Bassotto, Roberto Macchi and Marco Zoppello, and technician Claudio Modugno.

    Partners and collaborators

    The tour will be realised in collaboration with: Ministry for Foreign Affairs – Directorate General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – Directorate General for Live Performing Arts, Italian Cultural Institutes of Melbourne and Sydney, Vice Consulate of Newcastle, Coasit of Melbourne, Lamama Theatre of Melbourne, New Italy Association of Lismore.


    In Europe for children’s rights

    Since 2018 Fondazione Aida has been Leader of the European project Rights4kids, a project financed by the Creative Europe programme and under the patronage of the Municipality of Verona – Department of Education.

    The aim

    The project aims to bring children closer to theatre, making them participate in the development of plays not only as an audience but also as co-creators. The children were able to reflect on their rights by sharing their experiences and stories. Theatre, in this case, becomes a tool to promote the social inclusion of children. It was possible to work on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to raise public awareness of this important issue.


    Theatre is an effective tool because, not only is it a means for young people to express themselves, but it is also a means of communication. Thanks to theatre, young people can confront themselves with others and create a bridge between the world of children and that of adults.

    The Convention on the Rights of the Child, the core theme of the project, specifies the fundamental rights that must be recognised and guaranteed for all boys and girls in the world: it is important to make children aware of their rights and those of their schoolmates or friends who may come from another culture or may have certain disabilities or social problems.

    The phases

    First, several workshops were carried out with children in all partner countries, in schools or education centres.

    Then, the stories that emerged during the workshops were the basis for the development of the script of a play. Subsequently, each partner staged the play for more than 10 performances each.

    An online portal focusing on broader issues related to art and the Convention of the Rights of the Child was created. Currently, an e-learning course is being developed with the aim of incorporating and sharing expertise from professionals across Europe.

    The project will conclude with a festival in Greece dedicated to theatre and children, where all the plays will be presented together with other focused parallel activities.

    The partners

    AIDA Foundation participates with other six partners: Associazione Teatrale Trentina Interculturale from Italy, Teatro Aeroplio, Action Synergy and DIKTUO -Network for Children’s Rights from Greece, Dah Theatre Research Centre from Serbia and Performalita from Czech Republic.

    Visit the Facebook page and the official website!

    Pier Paolo Pasolini in New York

    Thanks to a special friendship with Graziella Chiarcossi and Vincenzo Cerami, respectively Pasolini’s cousin and pupil, as well as screenwriter of La Vita è Bella, and a network of important institutions, it was possible to create one of the most complex projects ever dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini.

    Fondazione Aida built a new idea of project, a horizontal design, that is to say, involving conferences, exhibitions, music, theatre, publishing and cinema around the ‘Maestro’.

    An enlarged dream, diffused by communion and friendship realised in a solid table of intentions and strong and propositive wills.

    From 26 November to 18 December 2007, the Big Apple saw a series of concerts, films and documentary screenings, readings, exhibitions, shows and meetings held in various cultural venues in New York.

    One of the highlights was the US premiere of Accattone in Jazz – A Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Walter Reade Theater.

    The musical performance featured Roberto Gatto on drums, Danilo Rea on piano and Valerio Mastandrea, who recited excerpts from Accattone (1960).

    The protagonists:

    The main protagonists of the review include: Aisha Cerami, singer, Carlo di Carlo, director, Matteo Cerami.

    But also Patti Smith, musician and poet, Gianni Borgna, President of the ‘Fondazione Musica per Roma’, Goffredo Pettini, President of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, Roberto Chiesi, Curator of the Centro Studi-Archivio Pier Paolo Pasolini of the Cineteca di Bologna.

    Finally, also taking part in the project there were: Antonio Monda, teacher and journalist, Nuccio Siano, musician and director, Andrea Colocci, bass player, Roberto Marino, pianist, Salvatore Zambataro, clarinettist and accordionist.



    The following have also joined the project: Italian Cultural Institute of New York, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, MiBACT, Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, Cinema Festa Internazionale di Roma, IMAIE, Cineteca di Bologna and Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Fondazione Musica per Roma.

    With the support of ASTI Spumanti.

    For the third time on the brand new continent with Arlecchino&co

    After a positive experience in 2009 that involved more than 5000 people, the third tour in Oceania for Fondazione Aida starts the 13th July 2010. An experience that will end the 5 September after a tour rich of shows for children, families and adults.

    The initiative is organized with the contribution of the Regione del Veneto and in collaboration with the Italian School Committee of the Sunshine Coast, the Italian Cultural Institutes of Melbourne and Sydney, the Vice-Consulate of Newcastle, the MaMa Theatre of Melbourne and the Italian Cultural Center of Canberra.

    The tour starts on the Sunshine Coast and then moves on to Lismore, Stanthorpe, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. The shows presented are: Il Segreto di Arlecchino (Harlequin’s Secret), a Commedia dell’Arte show; Il Principe Felice (The Happy Prince) from Oscar Wilde, Casa di Fiori, casa di Stelle (House of Flowers, House of Stars) from the work by Beni Montresor; Pierino e il Lupo (Peter and the Wolf), with the narrating voice of Dario Fo, and Monnezza – Le foglie di Pasolini (Pasolini’s Leaves, Shining Trashes), a tribute to the director and writer on the 25th anniversary of his death, which will debut during this tour.

    In particular in Melbourne, from 26 August to 4 September, an important collaboration with LAMAMA Theatre foresees the realisation of the shows “Pasolini’s Leaves, Shining Trashes” and “Peter and the Wolf”.

    Two workshops on Commedia dell’Arte and the Use of Masks will complete the 2010 project. An important opportunity for discussion between the artistic cast and the audience on the peculiarities of Commedia dell’Arte, a theatrical genre spread through five centuries and based on improvisation.

    All the shows will be staged thanks to a cast coordinated by Roberto Terribile, artistic director, and actors Lorenzo Bassotto, Monica Ceccardi, Roberto Macchi and Marco Zoppello, and by technician Claudio Modugno.

    Legrebi – The Legend of the Great Birth

    2018 was the European Year of Cultural Heritage, on the occasion of this significant event Fondazione Aida took part in the European project LegreBi – The Legend of the Great Birth within the Creative Europe programme, which is still running.

    The goal

    The aim of the project is to use theatre to enhance the common European mythological heritage, starting from the myth of Creation and the fact that mythology hides a deep past and at the same time shapes the future of every people.


    The project is based on the creation of a play dedicated to the myth of Creation (Cosmogony) shared and staged in all six partner countries in the local language.

    This play, in fact, includes elements of the mythologies of most European traditions highlighting common elements and similarities rather than differences in order to lead the audience to a reflection on belonging to a common European identity.


    In addition to the staging of the play, the project also has a programme of parallel activities. The programme is extensive and consists of several “sub-events” addressing many forms and categories of audience.

    They are supporting events organised within the theatres, but also tools used outside the theatre. There are exhibitions, readings performed in libraries or in parks, facebook live events.

    We are currently working on an e-learning course and a web portal for professionals from all over Europe to share their experience and expertise with other professionals/cultural organisations across Europe.

    Activities to date include the creation of a publication focusing on creation myths and their common elements.

    Here is the link to our last live stream dedicated to the project.

    The partners

    The coordinator is TOPOS ALLOu-AEROPLIO theatre from Greece, involved are: Action Sinergy also from Greece, Teatr Krzyk from Poland, FOA – Fusion of Arts Association from Romania, Smashing Times Theatre Company Limited from Ireland and Stella Polaris from Norway, as well as our foundation for Italy.

    Publication here

    Reference site here

    Facebook here

    This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission. This document reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

    Hijab or the border

    In 2007 AIDA Foundation took part in the European programme Crossing Borders-Connecting Cultures 2007-2013 with the project ReconcArt, which stands for Reconciliation through Art: Perceptions of the Hijab.

    The project aims to explore the fundamental questions related to the meaning of the HIJAB (veil in Arabic) and how it is embraced by Muslim and Italian women.

    The partner countries involved are Greece and Bulgaria.

    In Italy, the project involved a group of twelve women from Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Brazil and Italy who, from March 2008, took part in a theatrical storytelling workshop that gave them the opportunity to express themselves and discuss the meaning of the hijab (veil in Arabic).

    The natural evolution of this process has led to the staging of a play entitled: HIJAB or the border: voices and looks of women between the hidden world and the sacred world of the veil, directed by Letizia Quintavalla (one of the founders of the Teatro delle Briciole in Parma), which, as she explained, is brought to the stage “not to give answers but to arouse in others the desire to research”.

    The theatrical production is entrusted to seven women who have become the spokespersons for the entire group of the workshops.

    An example of cultural mediation, which reaffirms how art can produce change and questions about the nature of the boundary that each person carries within themself and the possibilities of a shared boundary.

    The artistic cast

    The dramaturgy was written by four people: Letizia Quintavalla (director), Gabriel Maria Sala (Director Master in Cultural Mediation-University of Verona), Rosanna Sfragara (actress of Fondazione Aida and curator of the workshops) Susanna Bissoli (writer).

    The workshops were attended by: Livia Alga, Sandra Calcagnile, Rossella Cevese, Elena Migliavacca, Siham Khalaile, Ladib Zhora Fatima, Fatima Ismaili, Huda Milad, Elena Spola, Cinzia Vigilante, Hanan Essoubai, Asmaa Chakir and the linguistic-cultural mediators Jamila Chtioui and Najat Rezki.

    The tour

    The show was also presented on an international tour in Verona, Athens, Mantua, Gibellina, Sesto San Giovanni and Concese.

    The partners

    The project is realised with the collaboration of Equal Opportunities Commission of the Veneto Region, University of Verona, Directorate General Education and Culture – Culture of the European Commission.

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