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    Readings for children

    A journey into the world of children’s literature

    The animated readings for children are coordinated, and partly held, by Pino Costalunga.

    Costalunga is an expert in children’s literature, and has consolidated experience as an author of children’s books and theatre texts for young people. He has been and is often a guest at important literary festivals such as Festivaletteratura in Mantua, I Boreali, Parole di Carta in Galliate, Tuttestorie in Cagliari, FLA Pescara Festival and others. He collaborates with various publishing houses specialising in children’s literature and translates from Swedish. In the theatrical field he works as an actor and director, has collaborated with many companies, including the Teatro Stabile del Veneto and often works abroad. For some years he has been working on projects for children in the educational sector of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.  

    A project to be built together

    Costalunga and all the foundation’s collaborators create animated reading paths with the client (schools, libraries, bookshops, associations, etc.). Thanks to his extensive knowledge of both children’s literature and traditional storytelling, a tailor-made route is created.  

    Leggere fa male alla salute (Reading is bad for your health), a course for secondary school children on reading and books. Il Bosco delle lettere (The forest of letters) and Principessa Piccolina (Little Princess), based on books produced by Pino Costalunga and published by Raffaello Editore (the first written by Pino Costalunga, the second by Ulf Stark and translated from Swedish by Pino Costalunga). Storie di Orchi, Lupi e Streghe (Stories of Ogres, Wolves and Witches), a path on scary stories. Storie da Mangiare (Stories to eat), a journey through stories about food, Storie d’acqua (Water Stories), stories about water and the climate problem, and many others. Marta Boscaini’s animated readings Batticuore and Un drago sulle nuvole complete the offer.  

    Step by step: how our readings are organised

    We need: a suitable space, possibly protected, in libraries, multipurpose facilities, schools or gardens. In these places, we try, in its essence and implementation, to respect and remain faithful to the original work from which the readings are taken. After the reading we always allocate a moment of interaction between children and operators in order to encourage comparison and mutual exchange of knowledge.

    A musical comedy for the whole family based on the bestseller by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler.

    Pippi Calzelunghe spettacolo teatro ragazzi

    An evergreen by Fondazione Aida, staged with Glossateatro and Papagena (Norrköping – Sweden), which has received the approval of the Lindgren family as well as the AGIS- ETI GOLDEN TICKET PRIZE for its success with the public in the 2007-2008 season.

    Fairy Tales on the Phone is a “fairy tale in music” dedicated to the whole family that collects some of the most famous tales and nursery rhymes by Gianni Rodari, inserting them into a completely original plot capable of speaking to children of today and those of then, who they are the parents of today.


    The show is a reinterpretation of the fairy tale known to all with music that goes from light rock to a catchy country style. Its catchy melodies involve children and project the older ones in a joyful atmosphere.


    One of the most beautiful fairy tales for children, taken from the famous story by L. Frank Baum which retains its charm intact over time. A wonderful journey, in that dangerous and tortuous path that is growing up, becoming great. It definitely takes brain, heart and courage!

    From the story of the same name by Rudyard Kipling, a show made of extraordinary adventures and friendships set in the jungle, a metaphor for the world.


    The trips to the moon, two of them, and the one to Russia, where a horse can be found hanging from a bell tower, are just some of the numerous adventures of the Baron of Münchhausen, the only one able to fly on cannonballs.

    Is it possible to tell jazz to children like telling a story or reading a nursery rhyme? Of course it is, and to do that we will use words and music.

    Pierino e il lupo

    Show inspired by the musical fable of Sergej Prokofev, recorded by the Verdi Orchestra of Milan courtesy of the Amadeus magazine, with the unforgettable voice of Dario Fo in the role of the Great Narrator and the scenes and illustrations by Emanuele Luzzati

    Show available in English / also available in English

    The show is inspired by the book of the same name by Mario Lodi, a revolutionary teacher and creator, together with his children, of a complex story that describes the joyful but difficult aspects of growing up. A small animated picture where fairy tale images linked to the world of nature are mixed with interactive effects with the public.


    Alice and the Rights of Wonderland is a show that will make both children and adults think. Through the characters of the famous novel, the theme of children’s rights will be discussed. Text inspired by “The Big Book of Children’s Rights” by Amnesty International.

    The meeting will take the form of a journey into “nature” as experienced by Mario Rigoni Stern, the great storyteller of the four seasons, who was able, through his books, to retrieve emotions and words from the secrets of the universe, bringing him closer to the woods, animals and plants.

    The year 2017 marks 60 years since the publication of “Il viaggio in Italia”, published by Mondadori in 1957. The meeting should provide an opportunity to rediscover and re-read the Vicenza writer’s reportage, which was destined to become the most famous literary guide of those years.

    Pino Costalunga interprets the words of one of the greatest 20th-century authors from the Veneto region: Giovanni Commisso. ‘Giorni di Guerra’ (Days of War) will evoke that inauspicious period of the First World War, through the eyes and words of Commisso and the voice of Costalunga.

    Sounds in Revolt Kid's Show

    Can you play with your belly? Or with your feet?
    A last-known challenge to introduce children to the varied world of sound.

    Pino Costalunga will interpret the great poets of Veneto and the surrounding area. You will hear the musicality of the dialects that make the Veneto unique, but also the verses of poets who have written in Italian.

    In association with the Bologna Festival and as part of Baby BoFè, in 2013 we presented at the Teatro Antoniano in Bologna, the life and events of these three historical characters, accompanied by various musical selections.


    An invitation to a healthy diet for a harmonious growth, using the tools of the theatre, which involves the young spectators with the cheerfulness, fun and emotions that are typical of it.

    Based on “The Wizard of Oz” by F. Baum it was co-produced with the “Civic Centre” of Syracuse and the “Brooklyn Academy od Music (BAM)” of New York where it was presented in 1989.

    Based on the famous fairy tale The Ugly Duckling by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, which contains a striking element of topicality: the discriminated diversity. On stage three strange characters all somehow a bit “ugly” and a bit “different” and perhaps for this reason they have the bad habit of teasing others.

    The show is freely adapted from the famous novel by Mary Shelley and deals with important themes such as tolerance, marginality and love. Small acts of great comedy inspired by the commedia dell’arte and the clown make this an entertaining proposal suitable for different age groups.

    It’s a two-part show with music by Cesare Picco and Paolo Coggiola prepared on the occasion of Futuri, the first festival of musical theatre for children organized in 1999 by the Fondazione Arena di Verona.

    The Pied Piper's Secret

    Freely based on a legend set in the 13th century during a pandemic.
    A co-production with Febo Teatro, set up as part of the “A casa nostra” project.

    Pino Costalunga, accompanied by Giuseppe Zambon’s accordion, will interpret the texts of La Casa di Campagna by Giovanni Commisso.

    Il magico zecchino d'oro commedia musicale

    Il Caffè della Peppina, Volevo un Gatto Nero or Quel bulletto del carciofo. Who among us, at least once, has not heard and sung these songs? Songs that have marked our childhood and that, today, represent and narrate the life of the Zecchino d’Oro, the famous song festival dedicated to children, which last year celebrated its first 60 years.

    After having worked on Saint Exupery, Calvin, Baum and traditional fairy tales, in collaboration with the Ente Lirico Arena di Verona, in 1989 we challenged ourselvesin this first experiment in musical theatre based on Histoire du Soldat, a small jewel of the music of our century.

    Cantico di Natale

    Based on the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, dramaturgical transposition by UgoRonfani of which follows an excerpt of his presentation in a co-production with the Municipal Theatre “G.Borgatti” of Cento (FE) and the Aida Foundation.

    Pino Costalunga will retrace both the human and literary events of Laura Lattes, a teacher but also a writer of Jewish origin who lived during the Second World War. He therefore tells of a difficult and tremendous era, as it was the Fascist period in Italy and racial laws.
    It is a sad and painful story.

    Metti via quel cellulare

    Based on the book of the same name by Aldo Cazzullo, journalist and writer for the Corriere Della Sera, the show is aimed at children and all young people, inviting them not to confuse virtual life with real life.

    A show dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. A magical adventure to make children reflect on how precious study, exploration and interest in nature are, through songs, inventions, a ballet, a puppet, two actors, theatre and lots of magic!

    Le quattro stagioni e piccolo vento

    Based on “The four seasons” by Chiara Carminati and illustrated by PiaValentinis, both Andersen Prize winners, and music by Antonio Vivaldi, the show is a journey on the wings of music, between words and images, to lead children to discover the seasons through listening to the musical story.
    The show is the winner of the prestigious “Briciole di fiaba 2012” award.

    The Secret of the Invincibles tells the story of one of the darkest periods in Italian and European history, that of the Nazi-Fascist madness during the Second World War, through the unique story of ErnőErbstein, first a footballer and then a coach, who was able to create the myth of one of the football teams that every Italian has in his heart: Grande Torino.

    The show is the result of the encounter between music and puppets and between man and animals based on the Suite by Camille Saint- Saens where the French composer shows all his genius and irony.

    A play based on the novel of the same name by Vamba (Luigi Bertelli), where children’s vitality and purity clash with a world of adults more focused on personal interests and undoubtedly more hypocritical.

    A show freely inspired by the Charter of the Rights of the Child, born within the European project Rights4Kids.

    Anne Frank

    A show based on the great classic “The Diary of Anne Frank” that deals with one of the darkest periods of world history: the Nazi-fascist madness and racism during the Second World War. Through Anne’s story, the director, Selene Farinelli, intends to give a message of hope to the young audience, inviting them to still trust in the humanity of people as the young protagonist believed, despite everything.

    Giovannin without fear

    A co-production set up in collaboration with Oficina OCM Orchestra da Camera di Mantova, original music composed by Gabrio Taglietti, with the contribution of Fondazione Cariverona within the project “Fatti di Musica”.


    Two actors, with two suitcases and two noses, are firmly determined to tell the story of the puppet Pinocchio by themselves. Immediately they begin to quarrel, nose to nose, about who will have to tell it and who will play the part of Pinocchio.

    An animated reading from the book Princess Piccolina (Little Princess) by Ulf Stark. With translation and adaptation by Pino Costalunga. A magical and entertaining story that addresses the themes of diversity and affectivity.

    A reading that will stimulate children to approach the world of books. Reading should be a pleasure and not an effort, sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right pages!

    Grammar and spelling rules have never been this fun with this reading! Play this treasure hunt with Alin and Carlotta and watch out for grammar traps!

    Storie Orchi Lupi Teatro Ragazzi Fondazione Aida

    Ogres, wolves and witches! Don’t be afraid! With this reading by Pino Costalunga, the terrifying protagonists of the scary stories will become your friends and will make you die with laughter!

    With this reading, the memory of the great Venetian author Pino Sbalchiero will be kept alive. His greatest friend, Pino Costalunga accompanied by musicians, will interpret his lyrics celebrating him as a man and as an author.

    Pino Costalunga reads and interprets various important authors: from Calvino to Trevisan. In particular Dino Buzzati, one of the most important authors in Veneto. The fil rouge of these readings is the surreal and the comedy, in fact: author’s sneer!

    Pianoforte vendesi

    A show based on the best seller of the same name by Andrea Vitali, with Adriano Evangelisti under the direction of RaffaeleLatagliata.

    A story between the serious and the amused of what the word has meant and means and in particular the word of the Venetian dialect or of the dialects of Veneto in its encounter / clash with the Italian language, on a text by Pino Costalunga accompanied by music by Sergio Marchesini and Giorgio Gobbo of the Piccola Bottega Baltazar. A show that lightly and joyfully touches on the fundamental theme of what our language is and therefore who we are.

    The Caregiver prose show

    An amusing and light-hearted show, somewhere between a “detective story” and a “noir fiction”, aims to offer an insight into an issue that in recent decades has revolutionised the traditional make up of the Italian family, namely the arrival of many women, especially from Eastern Europe, who have found work as “carers”.

    One-act theatrical text freely taken from the tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm.


    Based on Charles Perrault’s Little Thumbling, our Little Thumbling, after many years of the famous adventure, goes to visit the fateful Ogre, whom he finds old and fat…

    01_The blue arrow

    A show inspired by the text by Gianni Rodari. A Christmas story that will make you dream. Will the children be able to receive the gifts from the Befana? Find out with us!

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