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    Little Princess

    Little Princess is a children’s reading based on the book by Ulf Stark. Translated and adapted by Pino Costalunga ‘Principessa Piccolina’ – published by Raffaello / Le Pepite editions.

    The Plot

    Why does the Little Princess with the sweet and melodious voice sing such beautiful and sad songs? Because she is not like all other children, so at least say the King and Queen. Who knows if the nice prince thinks this too, who, passing a day there, hears his sweet song … A story that tackles the themes of diversity and affectivity in a poetic and amusing way. Ulf Stark, the great Swedish writer, in his first visit to Vicenza, was fascinated by the beautiful legend of Princess Jana of Villa ai Nani, an elegant eighteenth-century mansion located on the green hills surrounding the city, he wanted to reinterpret and rewrite it. Pino Costalunga, who at the time told him about it, took care of the translation and the adaptation from swedish, making the narration ideal for children, with the help of small objects and figures.

    Age: from 4 years old

    Reading is bad for your health

    Thanks to this reading, children will have the opportunity to find themselves in front of the charm of good literature and a voice that will make them come alive. It will not be easy to escape this fascination … with the risk of become readers.

    A path to love reading

    A path also for those who do not like to read dedicated to lower secondary school students. The meeting will be set in an ironic and fun way, it will warn of the dangers of reading: “Reading can make you think and think it’s too tiring, is better not to think!” Reading can help you make choices and understand that reality is not as simple as bad TV or tamed journalism often portrays it.

    It will be assumed that many children do not like to read, without blaming children, because often the problem is that reading has really become difficult for many, as many studies show. Furthermore, many have not yet had the opportunity to encounter the right pages that triggered the spring of appreciation.

    Age: from 11 years old

    The forest of letters

    A nice story with lots of nursery rhymes to play with the spelling rules. In correspondence with the release of Pino Costalunga’s book ‘Il Bosco delle Letter’ published by the Raffaello Publishing Group – Il Mulino a Vento.

    The Plot

    Alin and Carlotta run happily to school: today their teacher has organized a strange treasure hunt. And it will be truly special, with animals, robots, secret passages, dark underground passages and a forest full of … grammar traps. An instructive and entertaining story and a collection of funny nursery rhymes to introduce young readers to Italian spelling and grammar and to understand how much fun you can actually have with rules, words and accents.

    Age: From 7 years old.

    When Findus was Little and Dissapieard

    Pettson’s books – Peter, in translation – and Findus are well known in Sweden, where they come from, and in English-speaking countries, where they are translated. In Italy the translation has not yet been edited. The story presented is a translation by Pino Costalunga. The author is precisely the swedish Sven Nordqvist of whom are also the drawings in the book that is used for the representation.

    The Plot

    The narrative is the story of a cat and its owner. Mr. Pietro lives with his chickens in a large country house and feels very alone. But one day his neighbor Bede Andersson arrives with a cardboard box that reads in large: “Findus. Green peas”. But inside there are no peas, inside there is a small, very small cat … And this is how Findus the cat becomes friends with Pietro and … many other things

    Age: from 3 years old

    Stories of Ogres, Wolves and Witches

    Wolves, ogres and witches, protagonists of many scary stories, but also of many funny stories, because what happens if a witch wants to become friends with a child? And what if an ogre has to go on a diet and become a vegetarian? And again: if a wolf finds himself in front of a terrible Little Red Riding Hood, what happens? It happens that those who listen to the stories instead of being afraid will have a lot of crazy laughs. In fact, Pino Costalunga will read, making them relive in front of the eyes of the spectators, classic and non-classic fairy tales, where the bad ones become ridiculous, a little more human and a little less evil and where humans sometimes become … really mean.

    Age: from 3 years

    The lucky devil

    Is luck a gift that is given to us or is it something that is created with a lot of effort and willpower? This is the question of the two strange friends who want to tell this story.

    And the story speaks precisely of this: of a boy who, despite being a child ended up in a well where he will find a strange old woman who will invest him with eternal fortune, will have to find, growing up, the strength and courage to overcome the thousand obstacles that arise. parano in front.
    A King envious of the boy’s luck and worried about losing the crown, will try in every way to get rid of him, sending him to hell to tear three golden hairs from the head of the Devil himself, just to get rid of him.
    The boy on the street will meet brigands, queens, strange old ladies, sphinxes with complex riddles and even an unhappy old rower and will come to discover that the Devil also has a grandmother (and what a grandmother)!
    It will be a journey full of courage, twists and turns to the last rhyme.

    Will our hero be able to return safe and sound from the hellish journey concocted by the evil King John?

    Is it really true that luck favors the bold?

    Find out with us!

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