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    Books and Catalogs

    Thanks to this collaboration, several publications have been produced including: Bread and Puppet – The Cathedral of Cartapesta by Andrea Mancini (2002), and Pier Paolo Pasolini – Poet of Ashes by Roberto Chiesi, Andrea Mancini (2007).
    The first offers the public a series of first-hand photographic and non-fiction materials (some now unavailable) of Bread and Puppet; the second, created on the occasion of the exhibition organized in NY, contains Pasolini’s texts, interviews, poems, essays and other documents, plus a series of photos taken by Angelo Novi on the sets of his films.

    One of our strong points is also the organization of exhibitions and, consequently, of the catalogs that remain accessible to the public. Two volumes have been produced for the exhibition dedicated to Beni Montresor 1991-2001. One entitled From Color to light, by Gaetano Miglioranzi accompanied by hundreds of color and black and white images, by Montresor and the other Casa di fiori, casa di stelle, critical essay with a rich color iconographic apparatus, published in Italian and English.

    Finally, one of the most popular catalogs is: Munchhausen right to lie!
    There are seventy illustrations from the private collection of Lorenzo Bassotto and Barbara Rigon. A manifesto of the salutary lie and the lie told to surprise, which collects nonsense and oddities inspired by the adventures of the Baron of Münchhausen.


    Marcovaldo is our free periodical dedicated to schools and families. A house organ that describes the shows available for schools and those scheduled for families. It reports information on projects and events as well as on training activities such as courses and workshops available for teachers, educators, professionals, parents and interested parties in general.

    It is published in print and digital format twice a year.

    The first publication takes place approximately in the summer period and is dedicated exclusively to the teaching staff. In Marcovaldo Scuola we describe the activities related to the reviews for schools, the workshops to be programmed within the institutes. A focus is always dedicated to continuing education and updating for teachers.

    The second publication takes place at the end of the year, approximately in December, and is addressed to our entire audience. It describes the activities carried out by the national and international foundation, the future ones, the family theater reviews and the events scheduled during the winter period both in Verona, our headquarters, and in the different territories where we are working (from Rovigo to Mantua passing through Milan with some forays into Trentino).

    To receive Marcovaldo Scuola and Marcovaldo for free click here.

    DVD and CD

    One of the most important multimedia products created is the dvd dedicated to Gianni Rodari entitled Un sasso nella pond. History and stories of Gianni Rodari developed with Palco, Retropalco Rai 3 and Rai Trade in 2010 on the occasion of the writer’s multiple anniversary.

    As for the CDs, the production is very large and constantly expanding:

    • The Magico Zecchino d’Oro with the music of the homonymous musical produced for the sixty years of the Antoniano di Bologna.
    • Favole on the phone re-proposes the songs of the musical comedy whose music was composed by Maestro Valentino Corvino, at his first experience in the production of musical comedies for families.
    • Santa Claus and the Potion of 13 herbs, created with Ricola and the Department of Education of the Municipality of Verona.
    • And finally, even if it was actually one of the first, it is possible to appreciate the songs of Processo alle Verdure accompanied by the story by Paolo Poli. This project aimed at raising awareness of healthy and proper nutrition was promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Camst.


    In this new scenario we have invented a new way to speak to our audience.

    Podcasts: an increasingly popular and appreciated tool capable of touching the listener’s heart.

    The podcasts currently available are related to the initiatives to promote reading Meetings with the author and Sorsi d’utore 2020.

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