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    Diversamente a teatro

    For three years, from 2014 to June 2017, Diversamente a teatro offered a training and work placement opportunity in the theatre sector to a group of young people with disabilities without distinction in terms of contract or economic level compared to other workers in the sector.

    This initiative is inspired by international models and is a pilot project made possible thanks to the support of Fondazione UmanaMente. Thanks to Diversamente a teatro, this group of young people became an integral part of the organisational structure of the theatre. THE STAFF bar has become the space in which this project has found concreteness and offers them the opportunity to express their professionalism. Thanks to the contribution of the Cattolica Foundation, the Valle dei Laghi Theatre has become a place for cultural aggregation, social integration and experimentation.

    After the closure of the Valle dei Laghi Theatre in Vezzano, this opportunity disappeared. Hence the idea of Associazione Atti, Oasi Valle dei Laghi and our foundation to give continuity to the initiative.

    Chef a teatro and Lettori Olimpici are the natural continuation of this project. Over the years they have in fact found continuity and support thanks to a network of sensitive and shrewd partners.

    A project by ATTI, Comunità Valle dei Laghi, Fondazione Aida, Associazione Oasi.

    Realised with the support of Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni and Fondazione Umanamente.

    Clear-Creative Learning

    From 2016 to 2018 Fondazione Aida participated in the European project CLEAR (Creative LEARning) – Erasmus+ KA2- Strategic partnerships for schools promoted by the European Commission. With this project we have defined guidelines and teaching tools for teachers who intend to introduce theatre techniques into their teaching methodologies.


    With this project we wanted to improve teachers’ knowledge and skills in the use of theatre language as an innovative and effective teaching method for primary and pre-primary schools. Regardless of the subject of education covered. In two years we have created a community of teachers trained in this method who can improve and share what they have learned and transfer it to their classroom.


    We have created a document that includes examples and best practices related to the use of this language for teaching.

    The material used is digital and of high quality, aimed at teachers, trainers and educators who wish to introduce theatre into their educational pathways in order to improve the quality of training.

    E-learning seminars in English and teacher training workshops were held in all partner countries.


    In a first phase in Sofia and Izmir we analysed the education systems of each country.

    Each member state created a working group that developed teaching worksheets for creative teaching of specific modules.

    In October 2017, the partners took part in a meeting organised in Verona. We met to discuss and be trained on the method developed, the worksheets produced and to define guidelines for the training of other teachers in the respective countries. By the end of the year, seminars were organised in each partner country to explain how to introduce the developed creative methodologies in the classroom.

    In spring 2018, the teachers then experimented with one or more of the suggested courses. They made a short report reporting on the effectiveness of the methodology and possible improvements.


    In addition to Italy, represented by Fondazione Aida as a professional training centre for teachers accredited by MIUR, the following participated in the project: Kentro Spoudon Laikou Theatrou from Greece, Coordinator, Action Synergy Sa and the 12th “Stergiopoulos” Elementary School of Halandri Ioanninon & Taygetou also from Greece, then Fondatsiya Za Rodopite from Bulgaria, Integration För Alla from Sweden and Karsiyaka Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu from Turkey.

    Hansel and Gretel and the poor witch

    The show

    Have you ever thought about the famous story of Hansel and Gretel from the point of view of the witch? Yes, that poor witch hungry for children who has devised so many tricks to capture her little victims and in the end becomes a victim herself of her own prey, thrown into the oven to burn! Well, in our story of witches there is not only one, but three and they are here to tell us, many years later, of the beautiful days when there were “such dark times and the children were good to eat”. Witches, as everyone knows, love to dress up to avoid being recognized by children. Hansel and Gretel, who are two good and intelligent children who have learned from their parents and books how life goes, immediately have strong suspicions, but alas, witches have magic on their side and not only manage to capture who they decide to have for lunch, but they involve all those they approach in a terrible confusion of rhymes, assonances and rhythms – because you must know that witches speak only in verse – … and so from the witches’ hunger and easy rhyme you are no longer saved, not even if you want to. But is more powerful Magic or Intelligence? What do you say? The theatrical version is a free adaptation from the famous tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm.

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