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    Little Thumblingis not afraid of the Ogre

    Based on Charles Perrault’s Little Thumbling, our Little Thumbling, after many years of the famous adventure, goes to visit the fateful Ogre, whom he finds old and fat…

    The play

    Little Thumbling has managed to escape from the clutches of the Ogre thanks to his cunning. Thumbelina and boys like him, who know many stories, know how to deal with dangerous types such as wolves, witches and ogres. Not the Ogre, although he has lived through many stories. He has always thought only and exclusively about filling his belly. And a full belly may be a momentary satisfaction, but in the long run it clouds the brain.

    After a long time, Thumbelina wants to go and see what has become of that terrible Ogre who had tried to make a meal of him and his brothers, but who had then been cunningly tricked. A story that happened a long time ago, in Perrault's time. Now that time has passed, Thumbelina is no longer afraid of the Ogre. He knows that he is much more cunning than the old, pot-bellied Homon-Eater-Children. But time has also passed for the Ogre who has become older, and perhaps a little wiser.

    Certainly weaker and more tired, and no longer scares anyone. He has also had to find a new job to earn a living and not be reduced to eating wild berries and mushrooms. Also because children no longer get lost in the woods.

    But Thumbelina, once he has found his old "friend-enemy", tells him a story to put him in a good mood: the story of a little boy who, together with his brothers, is abandoned in the woods and risks ending up under the teeth of a terrible Ogre. That story is set in the Magic Wood, where there are still young, frightening, slightly singing and dancing Ogres, who together with Wolves, Witches and Monsters terrorise children like him...... Guess what that story is! A Magic Wood, full of friends and nice, intelligent people and, above all, full of stories that can always teach ... and put you in a good mood!



    • produzione: Fondazione Aida
    • in collaborazione con: Glossa Teatro
    • drammaturgia e regia: Pino Costalunga
    • con: Pino Costalunga e Enrico Ferrari
    • musiche originali: Ian Lawrence Mistrorigo
    • scene: Marigilda Pisan
    • pupazzo: Manuela Simoncelli
    • costumi: Antonia Munaretti
    • luci e fonica: Andrea Venturelli


    • tecnica utilizzata: teatro d’attore e figura
    • durata: 60 minuti
    • fascia d’età: dai 4 anni

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