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    Leo invents everything

    A show dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. A magical adventure to make children reflect on how precious study, exploration and interest in nature are, through songs, inventions, a ballet, a puppet, two actors, theatre and lots of magic!

    Songs, inventions, a ballet, a puppet, two actors, theatre and lots of magic are the ingredients of “Leo invents everything”!

    The show

    Lisa is a little girl who loves to invent, observe the world and study. She is a happy child… except for today!

    She is desperate because she didn’t manage to get top marks at school. Gioconda, who is her doll, but also a magic puppet, tries to console her, but there is no way of comforting her …. “Leonardo da Vinci would not have made a mistake,” says Lisa. Yes, because Lisa’s role model, her myth, is Leonardo da Vinci.

    So, while she is working in her workshop, as if by magic she meets her favourite genius: Leonardo da Vinci. A wonderful friendship immediately develops between Leonardo and Lisa: Lisa reveals what her ideas have become today and what benefits they have brought to our times, while Leonardo, ever more enthusiastic, gives her new stimuli to never stop dreaming and creating… A tale for everyone, engaging, educational and with a touch of magic and madness.

    A captivating story to discover the genius of Leonardo da Vinci through the eyes of a little girl. A magical adventure to make children reflect on how precious the study, exploration and interest in Nature is, but above all how important is the understanding of the world that comes from observing it.




    • Text and direction: Matteo Mirandola
    • Sets and puppets: Andrea Coppi, Nadia Simeonova in collaboration with Liceo Artistico Statale di Verona
    • Costumes: Antonia Munaretti
    • Original music: Ilaria Fantin in collaboration with Liceo Statale delle ScienzeUmane “C. Montanari” of Verona
    • Actors: Andrea Avanzi, Jessica Grossule
    • Audio/lighting technician: MattiaCunico
    • Technique used: actor’s theatre, animated objects
    • duration: 60 minutes
    • age group: from 5 to 10 years old





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