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    Families at the theatre

    At the theatre to grow up together

    For more than thirty years, the Families at the Theatre event has been a moment of sharing between parents and children, who together participate in shows inspired by classic and contemporary fairy tales under the banner of children’s theatre produced by professionals from all over Italy.

    The playbill is produced on holidays, mainly on Sundays in the afternoon. In fact, the review aims to encourage, through theatre, the meeting and confrontation between generations. Theatre is a powerful educational tool, it develops and strengthens skills, creativity, predisposes to sharing, has a strong social function, is a meeting place open to the community.

    The objectives are multiple: to involve new audiences, especially the very young, teenagers and their families. We aim to create a relationship of trust with the public, to strengthen the knowledge of the public. In this way, the theatre becomes a meeting place for city life. The review will help to understand the interests of younger audiences in order to improve the cultural offer.

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