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    Were has my shadow gone?

    A story of friendship that deals with the discovery of oneself and the other.

    Where has my shadow gone is a story of friendship to learn that even if you are different (sometimes only in appearance), there is always a way to overcome everyday differences and disagreements and become truly friends.

    The proposal is part of the Teatro Onlife project, it is written and performed by the actress and director Mariangela Diana, one of the finalists of the Hystrio Award for vocation in 2019.

    Once upon a time there was a child who just couldn't stand his shadow. He was called Pin and his shadow, well,

    it was called Shadow. Its shadow copied it from morning to evening. If he didn't brush his teeth before going to sleep, not even the shadow brushed them and his mother got angry. He didn't get mad at Shadow, only with Pin!

    Shadow's life was easy while Pin's was very difficult!

    Because Shadow tried to be like him but she was too different. She wasn't quite like Pin, and he was tired of having her in, indeed under his feet!

    One day Pin found a way to get it out of his sight.



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