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    The ‘nature’ by Mario Rigoni Stern

    The meeting will take the form of a journey into “nature” as experienced by Mario Rigoni Stern, the great storyteller of the four seasons, who was able, through his books, to retrieve emotions and words from the secrets of the universe, bringing him closer to the woods, animals and plants.

    Pino Costalunga will read  passages especially from Stern's texts about nature.  In particular he will concentrate on stories from his book entitled "Men, Woods and Bees".


    Mario Rigoni Stern says of his book: " I wish everyone could hear the song of partridges at sunrise, see the roe deer on the pastures in spring, the larches reddened by the autumn on the cliffs, the darting of fish in the clear waters of streams and bees picking the nectar from cherry trees in bloom.

    In these stories I write about  country villages, about natural environments still liveable. 

    You will also find those wonderful social insects that are the bees,  but also ancient arts and crafts that are slowly and inexorably disappearing at least here in the Western world. You will also find stories about wild animals and men who lived - and some still live - in an environment that is increasingly difficult to preserve. My short stories are not about silent springs, withered trees, or death by cancer, but about things that can still be enjoyed as long as you have the desire for life, the willingness to walk and the patience to observe."



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