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    suoni in rivolta evento bambini

    Sounds in Revolt

    Can you play with your belly? Or with your feet?
    A last-known challenge to introduce children to the varied world of sound.

    Sounds in Revolt aims to be an introductory experience to the vast world of sound. To do this you will use not only the voice but also the various resonances of your body and musical instruments. Children will have an active role in the search for various sounds, so as to discover assonances and dissonances together, making their ears more alert and aware of the sonic wonder that surrounds us.

    Sounds in riot plot

    How beautiful is the music! Maga Stornella knows it well, so obsessed with music that she is willing to do anything to become the best musician on the planet! That's why she and her faithful assistant Wolfgango (bis bis great grandson of the famous Mozart) have designed a foolproof potion to produce the perfect sound. But something goes wrong and all the sounds in the world rebel, making Wolfgango deaf

    and dumb. It will be the task of Maga Stornella together with the precious help of the children, being able to convince the sounds to return to inhabit the body and ears of poor Wolfgango, more harmonious than ever! To help him, we will need to look for the rebellious sounds and find them from where they are hiding. Musical instruments, the sounds of the world and our own body will be the faithful helpers in this challenge to the last note!

    What to bring during

    Also in this Onlife Theater show, to encourage participation and interaction, children are asked to bring an object that emits a sound that is very popular with children.



    • Testo: Alice Canovi
    • Musiche: Alice Canovi e Gerardo Canteri
    • Interpreti: Alice Canovi (Maga Stornella), Riccardo Carbone (Lacché Wolfgango)

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