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Throughout the years Aida Foundation has taken part in many international projects, exporting its purpose of spreading culture not only in Europe, but also all over the World.
Here the projects Aida Foundation took part in in the last years.




The concept of the project is the collaboration between four countries (Greece, Italy, Spain & Denmark) in the cultural sector. The collaboration will lead in an integrated theatrical play through the synthesis of the ancient tragedies and myths which constitute a great heritage for each one of the countries. The trans-national circulation of artistic and cultural works and products is addressed through the analysis, synthesis and comparison of the common cultural characteristics and differences through the research with new methods of conduction a play with multidisciplinary teams consisted with people from different countries with different backgrounds and level of experience.

- Greece: Topos Allou (coordinator)
- Italy: Fondazione Aida
- Spain: Boga Network
- Danmark:Taastrup Theatre

Further information
: www.ancientpathos.eu


Voices and looks of women between the hidden world and the sacred world of the veil

Hijab or Boundary is a play arisen from the european project "ReconcArt - Reconciliation through Art: Perceptions of Hijab".The project involved a group of women living in Verona and coming from Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Brazil and Italy, who undertook an artistic path structured in three phases: laboratory of narration (Mar-Jun 2008), theatre workshop (Oct-Dec 2008), playwriting (Oct 2008-Apr 2009). The staging was entrusted to seven women representing the whole group of laboratories. It is an example of Cultural Mediation, which shows how art can produce change and questions about the nature of the border that everyone carries within himself and about the possibility of a shared border. The veil has been defined by women in many ways: limit, protection, privacy, identity, diversity, screen, door, border ....

Further information:


New York celebrated Italian culture with "Pier Paolo Pasolini - poet of Ashes", a retrospective dedicated to the great Italian author. In November and December 2007 many cultural centers of New York, hosted this big event, organised by Aida Foundation and the Italian Institute of Culture of New York .
The initiative had an intense program, which comprised readings, expositions, meeting with personalities who worked with Pasolini, shows and a long series of projections.
Pier Pasolini was chosen as the figure that, through poetry, literature, cinema and journalism, best represents Italian culture and society in the postwar period.

Further information:


The European literary marathon, promoted by Aida Foundation and ideated by Mario Allegri - professor of Italian literature at Verona University, was an event that aimed to enhance the European literary heritage, emphasizing both the richness and the common aspects of all national literatues.
The European literary marathon gave the citizen of different countries the possibility to be protagonist of a unique event in Europe.
All the marathons were dedicated to the reading of a national masterpiece of literature of the twentieth century that is significant for the culture of each country and that has contributed to the building of the common European heritage. Each marathon was accompanied by theatrical performances, musical concerts and other special initiatives, so that each of them became an event for the city.

Further information:




From June 19 to September 16, 2003 Aida Foudation was in New York with the exhibition "From color to light" and "House of flowers, house of stars" dedicated to the theater director, stage designer and illustrator Beni Montresor.
Tha initiative was realised by Aida Foundation and Titivillius Publishing, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and the New York Public Library for Performing Arts. The two exibitions paid tribute to the great artist from Verona, who worked in italy, but was recongnised also abroad (England, France, United States), finishing to choose New York as his professional and artistic home.
Along with the project, the play "House of flowers, house of stars" was staged, inspired by Montresor's children's book illustrations, and produced by Aida Foundation.


“Training on stage” is a pilot project concerning the professional profiles working in the administration, management and marketing of a performing arts enterprise.
This initiative is granted by the European programme “Leonardo da Vinci II” and it involves 6 European countries: Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Romania and United Kingdom.
The project, mainly adressed to young people who want to enter a career in the performing arts sector, foresees the implementation of a vocational training model focused on the training on the job with the competencies evaluation at the beginning and at the end of the working experience and with the estimation of proximity compared to the professional profiles. The project includes also the implementation of a web-based software for this competencies and proximity evaluation.

Further information: http://www.trainingonstage.org/index-engl.html







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